My first experiences with sex were strictly homosexual.Not because I was "conflicted" or felt gay.I rally did not even know.I just knew that I was horny and what I was getting to do was very pleasureable and cool.As I grew up I discovered girls and for a while I was doing both.Girls and guys then I stayed completely hetro for the length of my first marriage.Never really wanting or desiring sex with males, though I was open to it if I had a chance.

This is the first of my early sexual adventures.I will post others.

Everything has to Start Somewhere.

I was about 11 years old that summer.I lived in a small ranching community in Texas and during the summer, my parents would send me to live with an aunt of mine in a larger city for a couple of months.I did not have any brothers or sisters but my aunt had a son a year older than me named Joe.I always worshipped Joe.Joe had all the nicest stuff.The coolest toys and bikes.Their house had air conditioning, our house did not.We were dirt poor, but Joe's father had an auto repair shop and an auto parts store.I felt that I was living high on the hog when I was staying with them.

Joe's house sat on a few acres and their closest neighbor lived behind them about a quarter mile.The two houses were not visible to each because there was a big growth of big trees between them.Joe and I had Nudie Magazines hidden in the small forest.We used to go in their with our BB guns but look at the old Playboys instead.

The morning after I got there Joe said he was going to show me something new in the forest.I said okay and got the old BB gun that he had passed down to me a couple of years before.We left the house and headed to the trees.The spot where we hid the magazines was completely hidden from both Joe's house and the one behind us.You had to practically step on us to see us.After a minute of looking at the big boobed models in the Playboys, I had worked up a nice chubby.

"Hard, yet?" Joe asked.

"Oh yeah."I rubbed and shifted my hard on in my pants.I had no idea about masturbation, but I liked the feeling I got when I squeezed it through my jeans.

"Take it out," said Joe."I want to show you something."

Joe and I always showered together so showing him my dick was nothing new.I undid my jeans and pulled them down then stood up straight, my cock pointing at him.He motioned for me to come over."Ever had anyone touch your dick?"

"No."Which was true.It was all we talked about, kids my age.Seeing a naked girl.Having her suck us off.Hell, we had no idea what it was like or how it was supposed to happen.But I wanted it to.

"Want me to touch your dick?"Joe asked.


"So you can see what it feels like."

That made sense to me so I stepped over close to him.Joe sat down crosslegged on the ground.My cock was at the same level as his mouth.Joe ran his finger along th bottom side of my cock gently.The sensation was exquisite.I twitched and shivered a bit.Joe then slowly wrapped his hand around it.Squeezed it gently a few times like he was wanting to get a feel for it.Once he did he started moving his along the length of it, not jacking me off but rubbing the whole length and circumfrance of my cock which had gotten even harder now.I could not believe this was going on.


"Yes!"My voice was tight, my nouth dry.

"It gets better," he said and he leaned forward and took the head of my dick in his mouth, his tongue caressing the underside.

"Oh crap!" I screeched! "Oh crap!This is great!"

Joe started moving his head back and forth slowly, taking a little more of my dick into his mouth with each stroke.It was not long before he had my whole cock in his mouth.It was like sparks of pleasure just running up and down the shaft of my cock as he worked.Inside, in my whole public area I started to feel a pleasant tightness and anxietey and another sensation starting to grow and build.It started to feel like when you have to pee, but not quite like that. My cock got harder still and started to throb. Joe took my dick all the way down to the root bumped his nose against my stomach then pulled his mouth off of my dick completely, much to my disappointment.

"You have to do me, now."Joe said, standing up and undoing the button on his jeans.

"I don't know, Joe."

"Did you like it?"

"Of course I did.The most awesomest thing ever."

"So, why don't you show me how it feels, then."I was not very comfortable about it until he said, "Or I will never do it for you again.Ever!" 

That would just not do.Not at all.Not after having had a taste.The feeling of anxiety and pressure had subsided a bit, but it was still there.I had never touched someone else's dick and never tasted someone else's dick so I felt scared, nervous,

"I don't know what to do."

"Just touch it.Rub it.You will be able to tell what to do."

I knelt on the grass and looked at it closely.It looked quite different than mine and appeared to be slightly larger.Nor know what to do I did what Joe did to start things off.I rubbed a finger against the bottom of his dick.He reaction was no different than mine.He drew a quick sharp breath and shivered a little.I did this a couple of timesthen wrapped my hand around.It appeared to be a little thicker than mine, also.I liked how Joe's cock felt in my hand.It was as stiff as a baseball bat yet had a softness to it.It was warm and it throbbed gently within my grip.

Even though Joe was enjoying it tremendously, I found having his dick in my hand pleasureable.I liked how it felt.Without Joe even asking, I lowered my head and took him into my mouth.I felt Joe shudder and it turned me on even more.Joe started to slowly pivot his hips forward and backward, working his way deeper into my mouth with each stroke.After a bit Joe gasped and and started to pull out but I grasped his buttocks and held him, pulled him toward me.

The first sput of cum shot into my mouth surprised me and I gagged and pulled away, spitting it out.I had no idea what just happened and another spurt of cum ejaculated from Joe's cock and hit me in the face, right above my lip.Instinctively I took him into my mouth again.I had no idea what was happening but I did not want to miss any of it.

Joe humped my face hard, "Oh God!Oh God! Oh God!"He finally could not take it anymore and pulled out again.This time escaping my grip on his butt."Man!That was unbelieveable.I had never had happen in someone before."

"What was that?" I asked.

"That is called cumming.I usually do it with my hand at Robert's."His voice trailed away at the end, like he has blurted out something he was not supposed to.


"Nothing.It was nothing."

"I did not do the cumming thing, Joe."I said.My cock still incredibly rigid.

"We'll do it later.We have all summer, right?"

We walked around in the woods for a while then went over to the house on the other side of the woods from Joe's.The house had a high privacy fence around the back yard but someone had dragged a log close to it in one corner and we used that to climb over it.In the backyard was a large pool and beside the pool was Robert.The guy who owned the house.He was wearing a robe but had it opened and was naked underneath.He did nothing when he saw Joe but quickly closed it when he saw I was there.Joe walked up to him and whispered something in his ear and then both of them looked at me.

Joe whispered into Robert's ear again and Robert opened his robe.Robert was sitting in a poolside lounge chair.Joekneeled down beside him and took what I noticed was a pretty big cock into his mouth.I did not know what to say or do, I just stood there.My mouth wide open.Shocked.Even a little scared.What Joe and I had done in the woods was just us.Two kids messing around with things that adults were never supposed to see.But now an adult was taking part in these very things.

"Come here." Robert said.Motioning for me to approach him.

I walked up to him and he motioned for me to come closer. When he could reach me he pulled me forward so my dick was level with his face."Let me see."He said.

I undid my jeans and pulled them down.The pulled down my briefs.My cock was already hard and and sprang free of it's confines."Nice," said Robert and he took my cock into his mouth.As great and awesome as it had felt when Joe had done me just a while earlier, it was even better with Robert.His level of expertise was noticable.

I noticed Robert's body was tensing and his sucking on my cock was taking a certain desperation.He pulled his hands away from my ass and onto Joe's head.He started humping hard into Joe's mouth."I'm almost there Joe!I'm almost there!"Joe released Robert's cock and Robert started to stroke it.From his position, kneeling between Robert's legs, Joe made eye contact with me and I saw something spring to life in his eyes.

"Watch this," Joe said to Robert and put his hand on Robert's hand, stopping him from rubbing his dick."Alex, suck his dick for him.He is about to blow."

This excited me.I had loved how Joe blowing a load into my mouth had felt earlier, once I got over the initial surprise of it happening.I pulled my dick free from Robert's mouth and knelt where Joe had been and took Robert's steel hard cock into my mouth.It was much bigger than Joe's and I found it to be a huge turn on.Joe stepped up and placed his own dick in Robert's mouth.

It did not take long, just a minute and I felt Robert's cock grow even harder.Then it pulsed.I felt a creamy stream of warm liquid hit the back of my throat.I had expected it this time and I did not gag.It went down easy as did the wash of cum that followed it.Robert held my head with both hands as he roughly fucked my mouth.Grunting and groaning with every stroke.He finally let my head go as his dick started to go soft.

I saw Joe close his eyes and lift his head in a wave of pleasure.Robert pushed me toward Joe as he released him from his mouth.I took Joe's cock into my mouth just as it started to spew streams of warm, salty cum.I swallowed and sucked for some more."Keep going,"said Robert."Don't stop."

Robert got up and moved over next to Joe.He put his semi-erect cock next to Joe's.I got the jist of what he wanted and switched from Joe's cock to his."I'm done for at least an hour, but I wanted to see if your friend would do that, Joe."

"I have to wait an hour?"I asked.

"You, don't.But I do."With that he pulled me toward him and started sucking my cock again.This time, I finally came and not a single drop escaped from Robert's mouth.

When the hour finally arrived, I was more than ready and I learned so much more.������������������&goto=
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